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Coders Conquer Security

Coders Conquer Security Infrastructure as Code Series - Plaintext Storage of Passwords

18th May 2020

The key to most computer security these days involves passwords. Even if other security methods are employed, like two-factor authentication or biometrics, most organizations still employ password-based security as one element of their protection.…

Coders Conquer Security: Security Misconfiguration - Disabled Security Features

4th May 2020

Attackers will always attempt to find easily exploitable vulnerabilities first and may even use a script to run through common weaknesses. It’s not unlike a thief checking all the cars on a street to see if any doors are unlocked, which is a lot easier than smashing a window.…

Coders Conquer Security: Share & Learn Series – Insecure Deserialization

20th September 2019

Insecure deserialization can happen whenever an application treats data being deserialized as trusted. If a user is able to modify the newly reconstructed data, they can perform all kinds of malicious activities such as code injections, denial of service attacks or elevating their privileges.…