Software has become even more ubiquitous in our daily lives, controlling the devices and applications that are the lifeblood of modern commerce and the digital economy.  Yet, as Veracode's SoSS 2017 recently reported, applications are no more secure today than they were a decade ago with only a third passing OWASP policy on the initial security scan.  

Secure Code Warrior was selected because its solution is the best approach to make developer-centric security a reality. Being part of the GCHQ Accelerator, which is being run in cooperation with Telefonica/Wayra, is a great opportunity for Secure Code Warrior to validate its unique offering in front of one of the world's most demanding cyber security evaluation environments.

We look forward to a challenging 9-months, until June 2018, maturing our solution and emerging as the global leader as we strive to make developers the first line of defense against cyber attacks.