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Moving from academic research to industry is non-trivial

6th November 2017

I was recently interviewed for the Silver Bullet podcast, hosted by Gary McGraw where I discussed the advantages of industry over academic research, why it was non-trivial to start a business in Europe and where the Application Security industry is moving towards in the future.

While it was never my intention to start a business, I did because I saw too many companies struggling with the same problem; writing secure code is a challenge for most developers. We have an entire industry focused on finding security problems in code, and these problems are just piling up.

There are very few solutions that are actually focused on efficiently helping organizations and their development team that struggle with fixing the problems found, and even less on trying to prevent more problems being introduced in code. More and more, organizations are becoming aware of this vicious cycle and are realizing that their development team need to be trained on writing secure code from the beginning and they need to be equipped with the tools and processes to enable them.

If you want to know more about how Gary McGraw and myself see the industry moving forward, check out the the Silver Bullet podcast!

Show 139: Matias Madou discusses secure development training and software security testing research

Matias is the co-founder and CTO of Secure Code Warrior. He has over a decade of hands-on software security experience, holding a Ph.D. in computer engineering from Ghent University.

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